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Trumpet Announces Houston In-Home Services

Leading ABA Provider Establishes In-Home Program for Autism

Trumpet Behavioral Health (TBH) today announced it is now serving families in Houston and the surrounding communities. TBH is a leading provider of therapy for children with autism and related developmental disorders. The company provides Applied Behavior Analysis therapy (ABA) in ten states and offers one of the largest teams available of doctorate-level board certified providers.

TBH named Sarah Veazey, M.S., BCBA, as its Senior Clinician for the Houston area. Veazey is bilingual in English and Spanish, and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst®. She received her Master of Science in Behavior Analysis from Auburn University in 2012. Veazey works directly with staff, overseeing the assessment and treatment of all clients.

“The CDC recently released new data stating that roughly 1 in 68 children are identified with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Houston families face this reality every day. My team and I are well positioned to help consumers navigate the journey toward skill development, and we look forward to meeting the many unique individuals needing services throughout the city,” says Veazey.

Services in Houston are provided through a circle of care that includes Board Certified Behavior Analysts and therapists who collaborate with educators, healthcare providers, families, and most importantly, each person that is served.

Dr. Linda LeBlanc, BCBA-D, Executive Director of Research and Clinical Services at Trumpet Behavioral Health, believes that TBH’s Houston services will make a big impact on families seeking services.

“Our decision to invest in the Houston area comes at a time when many families of a child with autism are struggling to obtain services. We are excited to continue providing our unparalleled level of care to families in Houston and look forward to maximizing the potential of the new clients we will serve.”

ABA Programs and Services Available from Trumpet Behavioral Health include:

 School-Based Behavioral Health Services

 Parent and Family Services

 Adult Development Services

  • Transition Support Services
  • Daily Living Skills and Community Safety

Trumpet Behavioral Health is now accepting new clients for in-home and community-based ABA Therapy for autism and related disorders. Call (602) 535-8341.

Trumpet Behavioral Health’s clinical services are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a systematic, evidence-based approach designed to address challenging behaviors and skill deficits in several areas including communication and social skills. ABA therapy is widely recognized as the most effective treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and other exceptional behavioral needs, and is endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General, American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

About Trumpet Behavioral Health

Trumpet Behavioral Health offers evidenced-based therapy and services for children, adolescents and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders and related developmental disabilities. We provide a compassionate, client-centered approach. Our network of nearly 800 passionate and highly skilled staff and board certified consultants focuses on maximizing the potential of the individuals, families, and professionals we serve. Our therapies are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Through clinical research, we strive to establish the most effective and efficient treatments as standard practice in our organization. Trumpet provides behavioral consulting, and education and training for parents, educators, and healthcare professionals. We provide our unique clinical services in homes, schools, communities, and in intensive treatment centers. Many of our consultants are Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst® (BCaBA®) providers.