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Trusted Autism Treatment in Arcata, California

Trumpet Behavioral Health offers proven and trusted treatment services to children, teens, and adolescents with autism. By using scientifically-supported treatment methods and retaining highly-trained therapists who truly care about helping children succeed, we’ve transformed the lives of thousands of children. And, since autism affects the whole family, we’ll also give you resources and support to improve your family’s functionality. Trumpet is proud to offer our family-centered and empathetic autism treatment to families in Arcata, California.

ABA Therapy and Autism Services in Arcata, California

Our treatment approach is deeply rooted in the applied behavior analysis (ABA) model, which is proven to be the most effective form of autism therapy. When your child starts therapy at Trumpet, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs®), will perform a battery of ABA assessments to determine your child’s needs. Then, they’ll craft a completely customized treatment plan that targets the skills and behaviors that will most benefit your child. 

Your child’s autism treatment plan will be as unique as they are, and will first address the behaviors that most impact them. For example, if your child demonstrates self-injurious behavior, their initial treatment plan may center around stopping that behavior. Over time, your child’s plan may change to encompass other behaviors and skills, like functional communication training or social skill development. 

Where Is Autism Treatment Available in Arcata, California? 

To meet all children’s needs, we offer ABA therapy in several settings. Your child can come to our autism treatment center in Arcata, California, or receive in-home ABA therapy. Our staff provides center-based and in-home pediatric autism treatment to Arcata families, as well as those across Humbolt County.

To find out more about autism treatment options in Arcata, California, give us a call at (707) 497-9335.

Insurance Coverage for Arcata Families

When your child is diagnosed with autism, the last thing you want to do is sit on the phone with an insurance agent. Our in-house insurance specialists will advocate for you to your insurance company, so you don’t have to. Our team will help you understand your eligibility and maximize your benefits. 

Most major healthcare providers in California now offer coverage for ABA therapy, including: 

If you don’t see your provider on our list above, please reach out and see if we can accept your specific plan. Our autism treatment services are also available through private funding. 

In Home ABA Therapy

This location also provides in home autism therapy to the Arcata area. Learn more about Trumpet Behavioral Health’s In Home ABA Therapy.

At Trumpet, we’re committed to supporting you in every phase of your journey with autism. To discover how Trumpet can serve your family, contact us today. 

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