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Our continuum of care supports your child and family throughout your ABA services journey. We partner with you, putting your child at the center of treatment resulting in an amazing experience and optimal outcomes.

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Our ABA Programs

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Early Learner

The TBH Early Learner Program is ABA therapy for autism developed to prepare your child for success in any environment, especially school.

The evidence base for early intensive behavioral services is extensive and we are here to apply that understanding to maximize your child’s success. The TBH Early Learner Program is designed for children up to school age within the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

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After School

The TBH After School Program was developed to provide intentional and focused programming for what matters the most. We work in close partnership with you to identify your child’s specific needs.

The TBH After School Program ABA therapy for kids is designed for individuals who are school aged and is provided after school until 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

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Severe Behavior

The TBH Severe Behavior Program provides intensive and highly specialized services and treatment of autism to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or intellectual disabilities who display severe behavior (e.g., aggression, self-injury, pica, property destruction, elopement) that poses a risk of harm to self, others, or the environment.

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Exceptional Outcomes

Our treatment data shows our clients consistently make developmental gains from our ABA therapy for autism and have an increased quality of life.

Our quality assurance system is designed to frequently evaluate your child’s progress, allowing our team of expert clinicians to optimize treatment to your child’s specific needs as they grow and change.

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Team Member Experiences

At my old company, I barely saw my supervisor or any supervisor for that matter! They didn’t seem to care about my work or developing me as a human and professional. At Trumpet, I have received so much helpful supervision! When I ask questions, people answer and if I need support, I just ask for it! The company is fun too – there are all kinds of giveaways, fun videos and recognitions here.

At Trumpet, I have learned how to select and conduct a variety of FAs that I had previously only learned about in grad school. It’s been eye-opening to apply that knowledge and rapidly improve challenging behavior in partnership with families. The look of gratitude on a families face is invaluable and reminds me of the magic in our science and why I started my career in ABA in the first place.

Everyone is open to and recruits feedback to improve processes, there are endless growth and professional development opportunities, and all of the supervisors have a great focus on teamwork. Overall, it’s a fun company that delivers a lot of great training opportunities and provides high-quality services!

I have worked at other ABA Organizations and have found the best balance at Trumpet, including the opportunity to expand my clinical and supervisory skills, while also exploring OBM application. I came from a company that restricted services to clients by age and could not serve older individuals in different settings or with more advanced needs, because of limited training and expertise. I am glad to have the support I need at TBH.

I’ve had the chance to support some amazing families who’ve spent years struggling to manage and adapt to the needs of their kiddo. I’ve watched parents’ eyes and mouths go wide when I share something I’ve observed about a kiddo’s behavior that had never occurred to them. I’ve truly come to love the look of confidence and empowerment on a parent’s face when they see that they’re more capable than they realized.

Testimonials were unsolicited from families no longer receiving services in accordance with the BACB Code of Ethics


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You can make a lasting impact by turning your passion into a career. At Trumpet Behavioral Health we celebrate your uniqueness and know that our team members are the heart of our organization.

  • As a herd, our focus is your continued growth and development.
  • We have a lot to learn from you, and we are eager for your background and experience to shape ours.

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