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Long Beach, California Autism Therapy

We offer family-centered autism therapy in Long Beach, California

Los Angeles County families can access high-quality autism therapy in Long Beach, California and surrounding communities through Trumpet Behavioral Health. We know how important it is for parents affected by autism to have a partner they can rely upon, and for kids to have a therapist who believes in their full potential. We are proud to offer such intelligent and empathetic autism therapy in Long Beach, California and the surrounding areas.

At Trumpet, we follow the applied behavior analysis (ABA) model of autism therapy. Through ABA, interventions are put into place that help an individual achieve a socially important behavior, so much so that it can be measured and transferred to a variety of situations. Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs®) are experts in the field who work with children and their families, using these autism therapy principles to enhance growth and independence.

Other autism therapy services provided by Trumpet

Early intervention for autism is fundamental to a child’s development. Comprehensive studies have found that early intervention for autism is effective in improving IQ, language skills and social interaction. At Trumpet, we work with parents efficiently, so their child can begin autism therapy as soon as possible.

We also highlight adaptive living skills in autism therapy. These may include:

  • Fine motor skills involved in dressing, using utensils or typing on a keyboard
  • Domestic skills like food preparation and simple chores
  • Self-care, including restroom independence, bathing and grooming
  • Responsibility training, punctuality, work ethic and the value of money

Adaptive life skills are the key to independence and self-direction for anyone, including those affected by autism.

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In-home autism therapy in Long Beach, California

When parents make the call to pursue autism therapy through ABA, they are making an investment in their child’s growth and development, as well as their family’s functionality. If you are looking for autism therapy in Long Beach, California, or within Los Angeles County, we hope you’ll make Trumpet your first call.

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Insurance information

Trumpet Behavioral Health is an in-network provider with most insurance carriers in California. Our intake specialists are experts, working on your behalf to obtain maximum coverage. We take the time to discuss your autism therapy plan with you before you begin services.

In Home ABA Therapy

This location also provides in home autism therapy to the Los Angelos area. Learn more about Trumpet Behavioral Health’s In Home ABA Therapy.

Contact us for autism therapy in Long Beach, California. We would love to create a plan for your child and family today.

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Long Beach, California Autism Therapy

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