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San Mateo Autism Center

Providing ABA Therapy for Autism and Related Disorders

Trumpet Behavioral Health – San Mateo has immediate openings between 8am – 12pm for families in need of center-based Early Intervention for autism in children. Therapy also available for children with other developmental disorders. Most major insurances accepted. We also are regional center approved.

Research demonstrates that early intervention for autism and related developmental disorders is key to reducing problem behavior, helping young children develop important life skills, and preparing them for school.

Our team provides compassionate, individualized, expert therapy based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which has been endorsed as a treatment for autism by the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the U.S. Surgeon General.


Center-Based ABA Therapy for Autism and Related Disorders

Programs Include Focus On

Problem Behavior Reduction

  • Functional Behavior Assessment
  • Individualized Treatment/Behavior Support Plan to Decrease:
    • Aggression
    • Tantrums
    • Self-Injury
    • Property Destruction
    • Non-Compliance
    • Elopement/Running
    • Self-Stimulatory Behavior
    • Food Selectivity/Refusal
  • Functional Communication Training
  • Caregiver Training
  • Direct Intervention Services

Skill Acquisition

  • Skills Assessment
  • Individualized Program/Curriculum Development to Increase:
    • Language
    • Social Functioning
    • Independent and Cooperative Play
    • Self-Help Skills/Toilet Training
    • Academics
    • Safety Skills
    • Perspective Taking
  • Caregiver Training
  • Direct Intervention Services

Social Skills Groups

  • Social Skills Assessment to Determine Deficits and Develop Skill-Matched Group
  • Group and Individual Instruction

Our ABA therapy for autism and related disorders includes focused programs for early intervention, language delays, daily living skills, toilet training, food selectivity, play skills, pre-academic skills, academic skills, and more. We provide services for all functioning levels on the Autism Spectrum, as well as for individuals with other diagnosed conditions, such as Down’s syndrome, ADHD, PDD, PDD-NOS, and others.

We are now taking reservations. You can reserve your child’s space today by filling out the form on the right of your screen!

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