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Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Image for Lisa Buxton

Lisa Buxton, BCBA, Clinician at Trumpet Behavioral Health


Lisa Buxton has a passion for creating behavior interventions, program development, parent training, and supervising the clinical team.

I’m a BCBA because I love changing peoples lives for the better with the clinical team and the families. There is nothing like teaching people how to communicate to get their wants and needs met and helping people is my passion.

– Lisa Buxton (BCBA, Clinician)


Masters in Education, BCBA

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Image for Brigitta Martins

Brigitta Martins, BCBA at Trumpet Behavioral Health


Brigitta Martin has been in ABA since 2013 when she became a Behavioral Therapist for a college internship. In Pennsylvania, she worked for an ABA company that provided in-home ABA as well as 1:1 care in schools. This gave her the opportunity to see multiple sides of ABA implementation. In 2018, Brigitta started coursework to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) while continuing to support children in a 1:1 role. In 2019, she began her career as an Associate Clinician at Trumpet and then earned a promotion as a BCBA once she passed the board certification!

I love the kids and families I work with.

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Image for Ashley Osbun

Ashley Osbun, Clinician / BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) at Trumpet Behavioral Health


Ashley Osbun joined the Trumpet Behavioral Health Team as a Behavior Therapist/RBT in April of 2016. Prior to working with TBH, Ashley had worked as a Paraprofessional Assistant for ANOVA Education, Program Assistant for the Boys and Girls Club of America, and as a Behavior Therapist/RBT for a previous ABA service provider. It was in Ashley’s first week of ABA training at Trumpet that she knew she was meant to pursue her BCBA. During that first week, she was unbelievably inspired by the knowledge and professionalism of the Clinicians, intrigued by the complexity of the science and how beneficial ABA is for a vast amount of behaviors and skills.

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Chief Clinical Officer – Trumpet Behavioral Health

Image for Amber Valentino

Amber Valentino, Psy.D., BCBA-D at Trumpet Behavioral Health


In 2008, Amber Valentino received a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. She completed a predoctoral internship and postdoctoral fellowship at the Marcus Autism Center/Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in Atlanta, GA. After completion of her postdoctoral training, she remained at the Marcus Autism Center, serving as program coordinator of a community autism parent training program and as a senior psychologist in a language and learning clinic.

In 2012, she transitioned to Trumpet Behavioral Health where she has held various leadership positions. She currently serves as the Chief Clinical Officer for Trumpet Behavior Health.

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Chief Executive Officer

Image for Joshua Sleeper

Joshua Sleeper, Chief Executive Officer of Trumpet Behavioral Health


Joshua Sleeper, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Trumpet Behavioral Health, started in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) over 20 years ago. In college, he began working as a part-time therapist for a school district in California. There, he fell in love with helping individuals with autism and developmental disabilities experience the positive impacts of ABA therapy. 

He continued to work as a private ABA therapist before joining I Can Too! Learning Center (ICT). At ICT he was promoted from a Therapist to  Clinical Director, where he was responsible for growing a new ABA center in his home town of Monterey and Salinas,

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Image for Sarah Kristiansen

Sarah Kristiansen, Clinician at Trumpet Behavioral Health


After Sarah Kristiansen earned her degree from Auburn University in 2012, she moved to Salinas, California to begin her career in ABA Therapy. Sarah worked as an Associate Clinician and Clinician in this office for 2-years before relocating to Houston, Texas. In Houston, she assisted with opening the Trumpet Behavioral Health offices in Pearland and Cypress, Texas. Sarah has served as a Clinician, Senior Clinician, Director of Clinical Operations, and a DeNovo Clinician all while in Houston. She found that being a Clinician in a new location offers opportunities for community education and outreach with other professionals, which is why this is her favorite role yet!

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Director of Clinical Operations

Image for Lauren Cox

Lauren Cox, Director of Clinical Operations (DCO) at Trumpet Behavioral Health


Lauren Cox graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of California, Davis. In 2012, she earned a Master of Education in Special Education with an emphasis in severe disabilities/autism from the University of Hawaii, Manoa and became a BCaBA that same year. In 2014, she earned her BCBA with the coursework fulfilled through Florida Institute of Technology.

She has been with Trumpet Behavioral Health since 2017, starting her career with Trumpet in the Salinas/South Bay Division. In 2018, she moved to Southern California to start Trumpet’s San Diego division and has grown that division from the ground up.

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Director of Regional Operations

Image for Julia Larson

Julia Larson, Director of Regional Operations at Trumpet Behavioral Health


Julia Larson has worked in the field of ABA since 2008 when she became a therapist while in college. After graduating from the University of Minnesota in 2009, she moved to California and continued to work as a behavior therapist while working on a Master’s Degree from National University. In 2007, she moved to Arizona. There, she accrued her supervised clinical hours and became a BCBA in 2014. 

Julia started working at Trumpet in 2015 as a Clinician and then became a Senior Clinician overseeing the Gilbert, AZ location. In 2017, she was promoted to the role of Director of Regional Operations,

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