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Priti Nagaraj | Trumpet Behavioral Health

Priti Nagaraj

Speech Language Pathologist and a BCBA

How did you get into the field or interested in your position?

  • My parents are both Pediatricians, growing up I have helped provide help to patients admitted in our hospital by being a buddy to cheer them up during their stay with us. That’s what motivated me to become a Speech Language Pathologist. From the day I started in 1997 as an intern, I worked with Client on the Autism Spectrum and realized that maladaptive behaviors impacted progress. In 2013, I realized that I wasn’t trained enough to intervene with them and wanted to learn more. That led me to take a graduate certificate in behavior analysis. I ended up falling in love with all that I learned about ABA and ended up completing coursework- internship and became a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst.

What is your educational background?

  • I have a Master in Audiology and Speech Rehabilitation and a National certification in Behavior Analysis.

When did you join TBH?

  • I joined the Herd in December 2016. 

What is your role?

  • I am a Clinician and BCBA for Northern California, and specifically the Dublin region. 

What is something unique or fun about you?

  • I am a Speech language Pathologist and a BCBA. There are only 430 dually certified SLP/BCBAs stretched out across 44 states and over the entire world. We are referred to as “unicorns”. I love working with clients of all ages and can speak 6 different languages.

Why do you love being part of the TBH team?

  • Being a part of the TBH team enables me to do what I love the most. It not only empowers me to best shape my client’s successes by providing me all the essential resources, guidance and training needed, it also enables me to work with like-minded people in the quality of the team hired by the company.

What guiding principle do you identify with most?

  1. Acknowledge and Hear Others!

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