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Trumpet’s Gilbert Autism Center Moves to New Location

Trumpet Behavioral Health’s Gilbert Autism Center Moves to New Location

Trumpet Behavioral Health’s Gilbert Autism Center Moves to New Location

Lakewood, CO – March 20th, 2018. Trumpet Behavioral Health is excited to announce that it has moved its Gilbert, Arizona, autism center to a new location, enhancing its capacity to deliver the most effective autism therapy available to more children in the Greater Phoenix area and surrounding communities. In addition to its center-based services, which help children develop social and functional skills in a group setting, Trumpet will continue to provide in-home applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy throughout the community to support parents and help children develop skills for daily living and behavior management.

The new Gilbert facility, staffed with Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA®), is part of Trumpet’s growing nationwide network of ABA therapy service locations. Trumpet spans seven states and offers both in-home and center-based ABA services. ABA uses systematic, evidence-based methods to improve socially significant behaviors in children with autism and is the only therapy for autism that is endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General.

A Complete Spectrum of Proven Autism Therapy Approaches

The new Gilbert autism center offers an on-site, one-on-one learning program for children as young as 18 months who have autism spectrum disorder and other developmental delays. Services include initial educational and functional behavior assessments and intensive, ABA-based treatment focused on acquiring new skills and reducing problem behavior. Children will develop skills that will help them thrive in a group setting, including communication, social skills and group learning.

In addition to the center-based program, Trumpet will continue to assist families across the Gilbert market and beyond with in-home intensive behavior intervention services.

“This new location in Gilbert is perfectly positioned to deliver this valuable therapy to children with autism from across the area, and kids can continue to benefit from in-home ABA therapy services at the same time,” says Ned Carlson, Trumpet’s Chief Executive Officer. “By offering both in-home and center-based services in the Phoenix metro area, we can help more children with autism gain a wider spectrum of critical skills at an early age, when ABA therapy can have the greatest impact.”

Available for children, starting at 18 months, in-home services typically consist of up to 40 hours per week of ABA therapy, with parent involvement and participation at every step. The goal is to help children with autism acquire self-care skills and manage their behavior through a combination of incidental teaching, social skills instruction and structured teaching methods.

About Trumpet Behavioral Health

Trumpet Behavioral Health is a leading, national provider of ABA therapy that works with children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder, social communication disorders and developmental delays to help them become happy and productive members of their families, communities and world. A team of more than 950 passionate and highly skilled individuals, including numerous Ph.D. and Master’s-level Board Certified Behavior Analysts® and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts®, provides ABA services throughout Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio and Texas. For more information, please visit www.TBH.com.