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Warren, Michigan

We deliver thoughtful autism therapy in Warren, Michigan

Trumpet Behavioral Health partners with Macomb County families by offering autism therapy in Warren, Michigan and the surrounding communities. We create customized autism therapy plans that address the unique needs of each young client and their family, setting the stage for growth and development. We are proud to supply our brand of autism therapy in Warren, Michigan and metropolitan Detroit.

With applied behavior analysis (ABA), children with autism are able to make tremendous strides in functionality and independence. This is because our highly skilled Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs®) use proven methods to identify the underlying causes of a behavior, and then apply targeted strategies to help improve it. ABA is backed by the U.S. Surgeon General and is the only form of autism therapy covered by insurance.

Autism therapy services provided by Trumpet in Warren, MI

A deficit in communication skills is one of the tenets of an autism diagnosis. This is why receptive language training, or the teaching of how to respond to spoken word, is a key part of autism therapy programs. The ability to take action when others initiate conversation is an important life skill. Trumpet BCBAs are experts in receptive language training, patiently helping children with autism build their skills.

Expressive language training, or the instruction on how to give voice to a thought or a need, takes many forms in autism therapy, depending on the child’s abilities. A Trumpet BCBA may start small and concrete like labeling objects, and work incrementally to the abstract like the voicing of abstract ideas. No matter the form, expressive language training is a necessary component of high-quality autism therapy for every child.

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Trumpet service areas for autism therapy in Warren, Michigan

Utilizing the ABA approach during autism therapy has been proven to make tremendous differences in the lives of those affected by autism. Trumpet makes it easy for parents to gain quality autism therapy in Warren, Michigan by coming to your home. We are also available in other areas in Macomb County:

  • Warren
  • Macomb County
  • Troy
  • Sterling Heights
  • Mount Clements
  • Fraser
  • St Clair Shores
  • Rochester Hills

Insurance information

Most Michigan insurance carriers offer autism therapy coverage through Trumpet Behavioral Health. Our intake specialists will work with your health insurance to help you obtain your maximum benefits. We will also review your autism therapy plan with you before your child begins services.

In Home ABA Therapy

This location also provides in home autism therapy to the Detroit area. Learn more about Trumpet Behavioral Health’s In Home ABA Therapy.

Contact us for autism therapy in Warren, Michigan. We are looking forward to the chance to thoughtfully serve your family.

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