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BCRC – A Division of Trumpet Behavioral Health

Behavioral Counseling and Research Center (BCRC), a division of Trumpet Behavioral Health, is proud to be a leader among Applied Behavior Analysis agencies, treating children and adults with Autism and a wide range of developmental disabilities since 1980.



About Behavioral Counseling and Research Center

The BCRC team includes Clinical Consultants who are highly trained Board Certified Behavior Analysts, as well as a team of Skills Trainers providing 1:1 behavioral instruction with direct supervision. BCRC utilizes positive, non-aversive and functional approaches to behavior analysis in order to concretely bring about change and support skill acquisition. Based on an appropriate assessment that is respectful of each participant’s needs, BCRC develops state-of-the-art solutions to excessive behaviors and skill deficits. BCRC then either implements these solutions or collaborates with and supervises others that do so.

Working With Parents

BCRC works collaboratively with families, specializing in helping families implement positive change techniques for improving problem behavior.

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Working with Healthcare Professionals

BCRC works collaboratively with agencies of many types, building long-lasting relationships that achieve clinical success while often saving money.

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Working with Educators

BCRC works collaboratively with schools, forming a partnership with team members to achieve clinical success and desired outcomes for all members involved.

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“We had problems almost every day with our son’s behavior in regards to tantrums, attention, and food diversity.   We have noticed a dramatic difference, and it is clear to us that our Consultant’s influence has directly affected our son’s behavior, as well as our own. He is now more relaxed, his tantrums are down to a very minimum, and he is more willing to tolerate different types of food. Her advice on how to handle certain situations was invaluable to our understanding of his condition and to the improvement of our family life.   For the first time that we can remember, we can look forward to outings, or simply stay home and enjoy ourselves.”


“It’s not always easy to open up your home to a stranger, to let them see everything that goes on, all the time.  Our Skills Trainer has made that so easy for us and is like a member of our family.  I know that many times we only hear the complaints and I wanted you to hear from a set of parents that are very, very happy.  We see the growth and direction within BCRC and support you fully.”


“I wanted to take the time to tell you how happy we are with our Skills Trainer and BCRC. As parents, our greatest wish for David is to surround him with people who are patient, encouraging, understanding, smart, intuitive, responsible, reliable and most of all caring.  That wish was granted when BCRC placed David’s Skills Trainer in our home.   You get the “most” out of David when he is comfortable and his Skills Trainer provides that environment.  We can tell that she adores David and the feeling is mutual. Thank you so much!”


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