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My Road To Success With TBH | Trumpet Behavioral Health

My Road To Success With TBH

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Consider My Interest Piqued

Hello, my name is Melissa Boyajian. I grew up in North Carolina. I have been an RBT with Trumpet Behavioral Health for two years. I was first introduced to behavior analysis in my undergraduate years at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. I majored in psychology, and during my junior year, I took an intro to behavior analysis and loved it. I loved how it felt different from all my other psychology courses. It felt like a mix of math, science, and psychology that I already loved. I was learning so much, and I was doing great. My professor mentioned becoming an RBT, and I put it in the back of my mind.

On To The Real World

Once I graduated, I moved to Fort Collins, CO, and started looking into becoming an RBT. I found Trumpet online, and they were looking for new RBTs. Trumpet would pay for my 40-hour training and walk me through getting my RBT credentials. I loved that Trumpet was a company led by BCBAs. I knew they all had the knowledge and experience to support someone wanting to go through that journey. I also loved how they reviewed and outlined the growth an RBT could take in the company. 

I started at Trumpet about two years ago. I started the first year as a part-time RBT in Fort Collins. I was still working another job and dipping my toes into the field. I loved it, but I wasn’t yet ready to commit to becoming a BCBA. I eventually moved from Fort Collins to Denver and switched to the Aurora offices. During my year at Aurora, I grew in the field so much. I again started part-time with another job. During my time at Aurora, I saw BCBAs that I related to and loved how they worked with the RBT and when I started full-time at Trumpet, I felt so much support. I enjoyed coming to work every day. I was ready to learn new programs and have fantastic sessions. 

With Support From Trumpet…

I started my graduate program in October of 2022 and have become a senior therapist at the Aurora center since then. I have had fantastic support from the BCBA and Associate Clinicians at the office. I have had many opportunities to grow and learn new skills from the BCBAs at my center. Trumpet has provided me with multiple avenues of supervision and support to get through school. They have worked with me while my school schedule changes every quarter.

Without Trumpet I don’t think I would be on my path to becoming a BCBA. I had encouragement and support through each step of getting to this point. I had friends I’ve made at Trumpet go through the same program and offer to provide help when I need it. 

If you are considering entering the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) by becoming a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) please reach out to us for more information about open positions and career launchpad opportunities with Trumpet Behavioral Health!

Written by Melissa Boyajian

I have worked with Trumpet Behavioral Health for over 2 years. I started in Fort Collins, CO and moved down to Denver and started at the Aurora offices. I have recently started my coursework to become a BCBA. I just...

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