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Self-Care for Parents of Children with Autism

Self-care parent - autism

Written by: Joshua Sleeper

Learn self-care for parents of children with autism

Trumpet Behavioral Health supports the entire family. That’s why our autism therapy provider believes self-care for parents of children with autism is essential.

Diminished health, energy burnout and strains in relationships are common in families affected by autism. Even the most resilient moms and dads can fall victim. They are the unfair side effects of autism, and ones that are tough for both parents and kids. The best antidote is self-care.

Three tips on self-care for parents of children with autism

If you have a child with autism, know that you are in an elite group of parents. You are a caretaker, interpreter, dietitian, therapist and advocate. We know it’s difficult to allow time for yourself, but the staff at our autism therapy provider is pressing you to recharge.

  • Put on your oxygen mask first. One of the first tenets of self-care for parents of children with autism is knowing when the plane – i.e. you – is going down. In that case, stop and do something life-giving for yourself. You’ll be much better equipped to take care of your child afterwards.
  • Ask for help and take child-free breaks. This is an especially hard piece of self-care for parents of children with autism because of how specific their child’s needs are. Remember that the more often you engage the help of a trusted individual, the more they will get to know your child. It will only get easier with time.
  • Be mindful of what you do with your time. We all do it. Before we know it, we’ve passed an hour mindlessly surfing the internet or watching television. Sometimes, that is just what the doctor ordered, but often, we end up regretting it. Our autism therapy provider recommends thinking ahead about what truly feels good to you. Maybe it’s a walk, coffee with a friend or a good book. You’ve earned it.


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