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Brigitta Martins

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Brigitta Martins, BCBA at Trumpet Behavioral Health

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Brigitta Martin has been in ABA since 2013 when she became a Behavioral Therapist for a college internship. In Pennsylvania, she worked for an ABA company that provided in-home ABA as well as 1:1 care in schools. This gave her the opportunity to see multiple sides of ABA implementation. In 2018, Brigitta started coursework to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) while continuing to support children in a 1:1 role. In 2019, she began her career as an Associate Clinician at Trumpet and then earned a promotion as a BCBA once she passed the board certification!

I love the kids and families I work with. I have always had a very scientific mindset and ABA takes the science behind human behavior and uses it as a teaching tool to improve the clients lives. Getting to see a parents face when their child starts talking after a delay in progress, or hearing parents tell me how their child will now seek out other children on the playground to talk to rather than run away makes me so happy!

– Brigitta Martins (BCBA)


B.S. in Psychology, M.A. in Applied Behavioral Analysis (Ball State University)