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How do I start ABA services?

How to Find an ABA Center & Start Therapy

At Trumpet Behavioral Health, we partner with the families we serve to ensure that the process from the first phone call to the first visit is as seamless as possible. Here’s a look at how to get ABA therapy and what to expect throughout the process.

Step One: First Contact

Families can inquire about beginning ABA therapy at Trumpet Behavioral Health by scheduling a phone consultation or filling out a form on our website. Each family who contacts us works with a referral coordinator, a dedicated guide to walk them through the enrollment process. Our referral coordinators stay with our families from their first call (step one) through their assessment (step six).

Step Two: Clinical Consultation

Every family who is interested in services at Trumpet Behavioral Health can speak with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) to learn more about ABA therapy, and what it might look like for their child. Our goal is to help families find the best therapeutic match for their child, so this initial conversation is designed to help us learn more about one another.

At Trumpet Behavioral Health, we best help families when we have a full picture of their child. This may mean asking questions about behavior, health history, development, skill acquisition, strengths and interests. The more honest parents are about their concerns, the more likely we can help them find the right fit for their child going forward.

We also serve as a resource for the families who contact us. Common questions parents often have for our BCBAs at this stage include:

  • What is ABA therapy and why does it work?
  • How many hours per week will my child receive services?
  • Who is my team and what does each team member do?
  • What will sessions look like?
  • Where will services take place?
  • How much do parents participate?
  • What are the copays and deductibles?

Step Three: Benefits Verification and Financial Consultation

ABA is the most successful form of autism therapy. It is approved by the United States Surgeon General and covered by insurance in every state in which Trumpet Behavioral Health is located. We offer complimentary insurance verification for families to find out the extent of their benefits for ABA services, including copay and deductible amounts. After we collect financial information, we review it with parents and provide an estimated monthly cost of services as well as any help we can provide.

Step Four: Enrollment Paperwork

After the financial review, families then complete initial paperwork. This includes consent for services, allergy and general health information, medication authorization and exchange of in-formation permission (for example, with teachers or physicians).

At this point, a BCBA at Trumpet Behavioral Health also provides parents with a handbook and client rights information. Parents and the BCBA review and finalize paperwork at a meeting be-fore beginning ABA therapy.

Step Five: Ready to start ABA therapy

The child is now ready to begin ABA therapy at Trumpet Behavioral Health. The family’s refer-ral coordinator will introduce them to the local BCBA they will be working with, and one or two assessment meetings will be scheduled.

Depending on clinical capacity, the family may be placed on a wait list. In this case, the average time on our wait list is one month.

Step Six: Assessment

Assessment is the final step of the intake process and the first clinical visit. This is an opportunity for our experienced BCBAs to assess the current level of a child’s skills across multiple areas and gather baseline data on behavior.

The assessment may take four to six hours, and can be conducted in the family’s home or at a Trumpet Behavioral Health center. Parents are very involved in this process, and they often at-tend sessions to help their child demonstrate skills, or to help the clinician set up the most com-mon conditions under which a certain behavior occurs.

Our BCBAs use this time to gain comprehensive knowledge about the child they will be working with, such as their language and communication, adaptive functioning and social skills. Their goal is to target areas for teaching.

After the assessment is completed, our BCBAs determine a treatment plan and outline goals for therapy. This plan, along with a therapy schedule, is finalized with parents and then submitted to their insurance carrier for pre-authorization. Their child is then ready to start making noticeable strides through ABA therapy at Trumpet Behavioral Health.

Contact us with questions about beginning ABA therapy at Trumpet Behavioral Health.

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