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Find help and support with autism resources for parents

 Learning that your child has autism can be overwhelming. You want the best for them, but you’re not sure where to turn for help. Trumpet Behavioral Health is a national autism treatment provider that is committed to offering evidence-based therapy to help children with autism reach their full potential. The Trumpet family also offers autism resources for parents to help navigate the sometimes-bumpy road of autism.

Autism resources for parents

After your child receives a diagnosis of autism, you want to find the best treatment for them. Applied behavior analysis, or ABA, is an evidence-based treatment for autism, and it is the only autism therapy endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General.

Every child is different, so our therapists customize treatment to meet the unique needs of each client. Typically, ABA begins by teaching a child basic skills, such as imitating and listening, which form the building blocks for more complex skills, including self-care routines and social interactions. The goal is to modify challenging behaviors and teach new skills to improve a child’s independence, communication, social relationships and quality of life.

When you partner with the compassionate and highly trained professionals at Trumpet, you and your child benefit from the experience and resources of a national autism treatment provider. The Trumpet team provides autism resources for parents, allowing you to find treatment to help your child reach their full potential and become a productive member of their family, community and world.

How to get started with Trumpet Behavioral Health

You might feel alone and unsure of where to turn after your child receives a diagnosis of autism. To help you start autism therapy for your child, the team from our national autism treatment provider has created a list of important considerations.

  • Find care and support for all. You should find needs-based care for your child and your entire family. Trumpet offers a variety of resources, including home-based and center-based therapy, social skills groups and parent training. We can also connect you and your family with community support groups for autism and other developmental disabilities.
  • Certified professionals. Applied behavior analysis is a proven therapy for autism. For the best care, verify that Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®), Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst® (BCaBA®) and Registered Behavior Technician (RBT®) professionals are providing the therapy. Trumpet only employs the most-qualified ABA treatment professionals.
  • Verify insurance. To find out whether Trumpet accepts your insurance, you can contact our knowledgeable intake team for a complimentary consultation.

The Trumpet team is proud to help children with autism reach their full potential. If you would like to get started with autism therapy for your child, please contact us.