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Newport Beach Autism Center

New Autism Center Removes Barriers to Accessing Therapy

ABA Therapy Provider to Open Newport Beach Autism Center at 4001 Westerly Pl.

“The future looks bright with organizations such as Trumpet Behavioral Health leading the way,” says Dr. Mark Dixon, BCBA-D, editor of ‘Behavior Analysis in Practice,’ a peer-reviewed translational publication designed to provide science-based, best-practice information relevant to service delivery in behavior analysis.

Families seeking evidence-based autism therapy services in Orange County will soon have access to a convenient option as Trumpet Behavioral Health (TBH) opens doors to a new center-based autism therapy program in Newport Beach on October 1st.  The Autism Center is located at 4001 Westerly Pl., Suite 110.

TBH clinical services are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a systematic, evidence-based approach designed to address challenging behaviors and skill deficits in areas including communication and social skills.

Trumpet currently provides in-home ABA therapy services in the greater San Fernando Valley and Tustin areas, employing over 50 team members who strive to maximize the potential of clients of varying age and cognitive function.

Dr. Michael Wright, BCBA, Regional Director with Trumpet’s southern California locations, details the decision to establish center-based services in lower Los Angeles.

“Center-based services allow our little learners to generalize their skills to other people and settings that can be limited in the home. This type of structure is growing rapidly throughout the country and provides a lot of benefits including a central gathering of clinical experts and ancillary support services.”

Kimberly Orliczky, MA, BCBA, Senior Clinician at the Newport Beach Autism Center, notes that families of a child with autism who live in Orange County also have voiced the need for more resources. The new location, says Orliczky, will provide not only convenience for commuters, but added opportunities for parent trainings and workshops.

“We love providing free opportunities for the community to learn about all things ABA and autism, but it’s always been a challenge in our small office space. The new center will allow us to host up to 30 people while mapping out our community workshops months in advance. We’ll also be able to host other events such as respite nights and social skills groups.”

Says Linda A. LeBlanc, Ph.D., BCBA-D, executive director of clinical services and research at TBH, “Many families in Los Angeles are able to use their health insurance because of the state mandate that requires health plans to include coverage for autism as a medical benefit. In order to access treatment, families must know how to navigate the system for determining eligibility and maximizing their benefits or this wonderful opportunity is lost.  Trumpet has put in place a system that helps families in accessing insurance coverage or other funding sources in the most seamless manner possible.”

Free Insurance Eligibility Review

As part of its effort to provide the best services possible, TBH created a family accounts department to educate parents and to provide free insurance eligibility reviews. TBH’s insurance specialists have expertise in navigating the “ins and outs” of insurance mandates, benefits plans and Regional Center requirements. Parents can complete their requests online at www.tbh.com/insurance or they can call toll-free 1-855-824-5669, option 2. Reviews currently take five to 10 business days.

  ABA Programs and Services Available from Trumpet Behavioral Health Include:

  • Intensive Educational and Behavioral Services
  • Early Intervention ABA Therapy for Autism and Related Disorders
  • Center-Based Direct Instruction
  • Language/Social Skills Acquisition
  • Family Support and Skills Training
  • Assessment Services
  • Consultation Services
  • Seminars and Conference Presentations

School-Based Behavioral Health Services

  • Functional Behavior Assessments
  • Program Design and Evaluation
  • Individual Treatment Plans
  • IEP Development and Support
  • Teacher Training and Support
  • Classroom Evaluations
  • Coordinated Service Plans with Teachers

Parent and Family Services

  • Parent Education and Training
  • After School ABA Services
  • Intensive Educational and Behavioral Services
  • Insurance Services

Adult Development Services

  • Transition Support Services
  • Daily Living Skills and Community Safety

About Trumpet Behavioral Health

For more than 30 years, Trumpet Behavioral Health (TBH) has been providing families with exceptional, outcome-based treatment based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). TBH offers evidenced-based behavioral health services to children and adults with ASDs and their families using a compassionate, client-centered approach. Our network of over 800 highly skilled board certified clinicians and trained professionals all focus on maximizing the potential of the individuals, families, and professionals we serve.

Through clinical research, we strive to establish the most effective and efficient treatments as standard practice in our organization. Many of our clinicians are Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst® (BCaBA®) providers. TBH is a privately held company providing clinical services in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Texas, and Wyoming.

About Dr. Linda LeBlanc, BCBA-D, Executive Director of Research and Clinical Services

Linda A. LeBlanc, Ph.D., BCBA-D® is the Executive Director of Research and Clinical Services at Trumpet Behavioral Health. Dr. LeBlanc is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst – Doctoral, a Michigan Licensed Psychologist, and a Fellow of the Association for Behavior Analysis International.

She has published over 85 articles and book chapters and is a current associate editor of Education and Treatment of Children and The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, as well as a former associate editor of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis and Behavior Analysis in Practice.

Dr. LeBlanc received her Ph.D. in 1996 from Louisiana State University and previously served on the psychology faculties at Claremont McKenna College from 1997-1999, and at Western Michigan University from 1999-2008.

Says Dr. Mark Dixon, BCBA-D, “She has already become a household name among the top behavior analysts in the world.”