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Denver Colorado Autism Therapy

Trumpet provides high-quality autism therapy in Denver, Colorado

Trumpet delivers proven and empathetic autism therapy in Denver, Colorado. We know that parents of a child with autism need a partner they can count on, and children need a therapist who champions their growth. The goal of Trumpet’s autism therapy is to help your child achieve their full potential while also improving your family’s functionality. We are proud to offer this brand of autism therapy in the capital city of Colorado and its surrounding areas.

We provide applied behavior analysis (ABA). This highly successful form of autism therapy provides demonstrable results, allowing children to learn new skills rapidly and efficiently. It is supported by decades of research and is administered by highly trained clinicians, called Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs®). ABA is the only form of autism therapy covered by health insurance.

Autism therapy services

Children often need specific autism therapy services within the ABA model. If your child needs toilet training, for example, we will create a plan for success using an ABA format. This encouraging form of toilet training has been shown to be confidence-boosting for kids and stress-reducing for parents.

We also train parents on naturalistic teaching. The ability to detect and maximize a teachable moment for a child with autism is a learned skill, as it requires the child to focus on a novel idea in present time. Our BCBAs are experts in the artistry of naturalistic teaching, and enjoy sharing it with parents and caregivers.

Review the box to the right for a list of other specialized autism therapy services provided by Trumpet.

Trumpet service areas for autism therapy in Denver, Colorado

By pursuing autism therapy through ABA, parents are taking the first step forward in helping their child live a full life. We make it easy for parents in the Denver area to gain access to high-quality BCBAs. Our BCBAs provide in-home care, and are available to meet you whether you live in the city of Denver or the surrounding area:

  • Aurora
  • Cherry Creek
  • Edgewater

Insurance information

Most providers in the state of Colorado cover autism therapy through Trumpet Behavioral Health. Our intake specialists can begin working with parents from their first phone call. We have extensive experience in maximizing patient coverage, and we take the time to review your finalized autism therapy plan with you before you even begin services.

Contact us for autism therapy in Denver, Colorado. We look forward to developing a relationship with you and your child, and hope to begin making a difference in your family today.

Denver Colorado Autism Therapy

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Lakewood, CO 80228
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Autism services provided by Trumpet

  • ABA therapy – applied behavior analysis
  • Language training
  • Naturalistic teaching
  • Pivotal response training
  • Social skills
  • Story-based intervention
  • Early intervention for autism
  • Toilet training
  • Adaptive living skills
  • Receptive language training
  • Expressive language training
  • Play and leisure skills
  • Social skills
  • Ready-to-learn behaviors