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West Los Angeles, California

Quality ABA Therapy in West LA

Trumpet Behavioral Health provides unparalleled autism services to children, teens, and adolescents with autism. At Trumpet, we put clients first and make every decision with you in mind. We pair your child with highly-trained autism therapists dedicated to helping them reach their full potential, and partner with parents to give you the resources you need to help your child thrive. Trumpet is proud to offer this kind of holistic and empathetic autism therapy to families in West LA, California.  

What is ABA Therapy for Autism? 

ABA, or applied behavior analysis therapy, is a scientifically-supported approach to autism treatment. At Trumpet, your journey with ABA therapy will begin by meeting with one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs®) to identify your child’s strengths and needs. From there, your BCBA will create a completely customized autism treatment plan targeting the skills that will benefit your child the most. Throughout the process, your autism treatment team will collaborate with you to ensure your child learns, retains, and applies their new skills in a variety of settings. 

Where Can I Access Autism Services Near West LA, California?

Trumpet wants every family to gain access to exceptional autism care, which is why we offer therapy at our autism treatment center in West LA, as well as in-home and community-based ABA therapy sessions. Our staff serves families in West LA and the surrounding areas, including: 

  • Beverly Hills 
  • Culver City 
  • Glendale 
  • Hollywood 
  • Inglewood 
  • Marina Del Rey 
  • Santa Monica 
  • South Los Angeles 

To explore how Trumpet can assist your family, give us a call at (855) 824-5669

Will Insurance Cover ABA Therapy in West LA?

One of the ways Trumpet puts clients first is by simplifying our intake process. Our experienced team of insurance specialists will advocate for you to maximize your benefits and help you understand your eligibility. 

Most healthcare providers offer coverage for ABA therapy through Trumpet, but if your provider isn’t listed below, give us a call to see if we can accept your specific policy. Autism treatment is also available through private funding. 

From helping you understand your insurance benefits to creating and implementing a custom treatment plan for your child, Trumpet is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve your family and help your child live life to the fullest. 

West Los Angeles, California

West LA, Los Angeles, CA

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COVID-19 Updates:

Trumpet Behavioral Health is continuing to monitor and follow local, state, and federal guidelines regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Before coming to your scheduled appointment, please make sure your local center is open by calling the numbers listed above.

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Autism services provided by Trumpet

  • ABA therapy – applied behavior analysis
  • Language training
  • Naturalistic teaching
  • Pivotal response training
  • Social skills
  • Story-based intervention
  • Early intervention for autism
  • Toilet training
  • Adaptive living skills
  • Receptive language training
  • Expressive language training
  • Play and leisure skills
  • Social skills
  • Ready-to-learn behaviors