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Fairborn, Ohio

Autism Support and ABA Therapy in Fairborn, Ohio 

At Trumpet Behavioral Health, we specialize in helping children, teens, and adolescents with autism live life to the fullest. We know autism affects the whole family, so we take a holistic approach to autism therapy by offering resources, training, and services for parents and other family members.

By offering individualized autism treatment plans and serving as a loyal partner to their caregivers, we help families affected by autism thrive. Trumpet is thrilled to offer this type of empathetic and comprehensive autism treatment to families in Fairborn, Ohio.

What Is ABA Therapy For Autism? 

Applied behavior analysis therapy, known as ABA, is an evidence-based approach to autism treatment. Using scientifically-supported methods, ABA can significantly reduce symptoms of autism and help children with autism learn and retain new skills. 

To develop your child’s applied behavioral analysis strategies, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs®) will meet with your family to determine your child’s strengths and challenges. Then, they’ll create a completely customized autism treatment plan that focuses on improving the skills that most impact your child’s life. 

Whether you choose to come to our autism treatment center in Fairborn or receive our in-home ABA therapy services, you can expect a high level of communication and collaboration from your Trumpet therapy team. Together, we’ll help your child reach their full potential.  

Autism Therapy Near Fairborn, Ohio 

At Trumpet, we believe every child deserves access to high-quality pediatric autism services. Families across Greene County can benefit visit our autism center in Fairborn, or use our in-home and community-based ABA services. 

To learn more about autism therapy near Fairborn, contact us at (937) 878-8444.

Does Insurance Cover Autism Therapy In Fairborn, Ohio? 

As a national autism treatment provider, Trumpet’s autism support extends beyond treatment plans and education programs. Our full-time insurance team will serve as your advocate to gain maximum coverage for autism services and partner with you to help you understand your eligibility and benefits. 

Many healthcare plans now offer coverage for ABA therapy in Fairborn, Ohio, including: 

If your healthcare provider isn’t listed, please reach out to see if we accept your specific plan. Services are also available through private funding. 

From developing high-quality, individualized ABA therapy plans to partnering with you to understand your insurance, Trumpet is here for your family. Contact us today to learn more about how Trumpet Behavioral Health can serve your family. 

In Home ABA Therapy

This location also provides in home autism therapy to the Dayton area. Learn more about Trumpet Behavioral Health’s In Home ABA Therapy.

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Fairborn, Ohio

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