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Orange County Social Mentorship Program

Social Mentorship & Behavioral Coaching

College and Career Ready

Social mentorship and behavioral coaching provide high functioning individuals the independent life skills that they need to
make them college and career ready.

Serving teens and young adults with any diagnosis. Community and home-based services provided through a less intensive interventional approach (1 – 2x/week)

Social Mentorship

•Targets improving social development and decreasing social anxiety

•Focus on experiential assignments by means of outside “homework”

•Increase social exposure by evaluating personal interests and opportunities in the community

•Improve initiation and social communication skills through positive practice

•Practice self-regulation skills to be able to navigate the wide diversity of locations adults work and play

•Improve executive functioning skills in natural environment

•Foster independent and self management skills for success in life

Behavioral Coaching

•Targets behavioral excesses in teens and young adults striving for independence

•Helps reduce problem behavior

•Provides the supports needed to be in the community while leading to more independence


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