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Recognizing Our Military Veterans | Trumpet Behavioral Health

Recognizing Our Military Veterans


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We Are Grateful For Your Choice To Serve

Joining the military is no small decision, but these brave individuals made the choice to put others before themselves and protect our country. We would like to thank our veteran team members for their sacrifices, we are so immensely grateful for your service! Read their biographies to learn about their journeys through the military. Steve, Quentin, Cynthia, and Amani… You are truly an inspiration! 

steve veteransteve headshotsteve tbh veteran

Steve Bender:

“After graduating high school in 1988, I was having too much fun to take college seriously and was headed down a not-so-recommended path and decided that I needed a change of environment. So I joined the Marine Corps. Just before going to boot camp, I was contacted by the Navy and was offered a signing bonus and automatic rank advancement after boot camp as long as I volunteered to join the Submarine Service as a Navigation Electronics Technician. I spent my first 5 years at the Submarine Base in Groton, CT where I attended Basic Enlisted Submarine School, and then was assigned to the USS Dallas (SSN-700) Fast Attack Submarine (the same boat used in the movie ‘Hunt For Red October’). I then spent 3 years in Norfolk, VA on the ship USS L.Y. Spear (AS-36) which was a supply and repair support ship for a submarine squadron. I finished my 9 year career back in Groton, CT working as a Gas Free Engineer and Marine Chemist. I was trained and certified by OSHA to perform duties for the Submarine Base and the State of Connecticut. I dove into tanks and voids to certify them safe for personnel and I was also certified as an Asbestos Lab Testing Expert. I tested various materials for the Navy and the State for asbestos. In 1997, my mother was killed by a drunk driver here in Denver and I decided to end my service early to be with family. I was Honorably Discharged in 1998.

Since then, Trumpet is the 10th company that I’ve worked for and by far the best! I found this job by complete coincidence and have absolutely enjoyed the more than 2 years here at Trumpet!”

quentin veteranquentin tbh veteran

Quentin Baker:

“I joined the Marines after graduating high school to seek a challenging yet rewarding opportunity for myself. I wanted to serve a higher purpose and become a part of a tight-knit family. I was very fortunate to travel and experience many different cultures that helped develop me into who I am today!”

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Written by Alexis Urbalejo

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