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Community Safety Skills – National Safety Month 2015


What are Community Safety Skills?

Community Safety Skills are any skills that an individual needs to be safe and independent in the community setting. Some examples are:

How to cross the street safely
Community sign identification
Staying near a parent or in a designated location and holding hands
Abduction prevention
Local navigation and transportation
Tolerance of items/sounds/places in the community

Why are they important?

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The Importance of Coordinated Autism Care

The symbol of a puzzle piece for Autism Spectrum Disorders epitomizes the complexity of treating this population. Just as there is no single, straightforward manner in which we treat all those with an ASD diagnosis,

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Evaluating the GFCF Diet

Conclusive evidence used in reference to this blog is derived from scholarly journal article “The Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet and Autism: Limited Return on Family Investment,” taken from the ‘Journal of Early Intervention’ 2013 35:3,

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Teaching Skills: Properly Disposing of Trash Items When Told

Trumpet Behavioral Health offers help with planning skills activities for use by parents, caregivers, grandparents, teachers and paraprofessionals. Trumpet Behavioral Health is the creator of Insights to Behavior, a web-based solution created for schools to help train educators work with children with autism or other disorders that cause challenging behaviors.

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Poison Awareness Week Starts March 15th

Tips from the Trumpet Academy Preschool

Keep Your Child Out of Harms Way

Poison Awareness week is March 15-21st and Trumpet Academy’s Team Members have come together to provide the following helpful hints on how to prevent your child from getting into harmful items.

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