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Toilet Training for Children with Autism

Take a deep breath: ABA therapists practically invented modern toilet training

Toilet training for children with autism comes with a tried and true methodology. Perhaps this is why the wider public has adopted the applied behavior analysis,

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Individual Supervision for Behavior Analysts

Our team offers five recommended practices for an effective supervisory experience

Effective supervision of behavior analysts is critical to our growing field. Trumpet Behavioral Health has published multiple articles on the topic of supervision,

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Trumpet to Present Research at ABA-I in San Diego

New research will be presented at the 2018 Annual Convention for the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABA-I) in San Diego.

Trumpet Behavioral Health, a nationwide network of applied behavior analysis (ABA) providers and thought leaders,

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Raising Autism Awareness

Raising Autism Awareness at Trumpet Behavioral Health
The rates might be rising, but so is the hope

 April is an important month at Trumpet Behavioral Health. It’s Autism Awareness Month.

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Understanding Sensory Issues

Sensory issues are common in children with autism
What are common behaviors related to sensory issues?

One of the main diagnostic criteria for autism spectrum disorder is restricted, repetitive behaviors,

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Decreasing Rapid Eating

In-house study finds success in decreasing rapid eating

Trumpet Behavioral Health published a study on decreasing rapid eating in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. In this review, the team shared their success in using a vibrating pager to slow the pace of rapid eating in a child with autism.

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Challenging Behavior During the Holidays

Help for challenging behavior during the holidays

Does your child exhibit challenging behavior during the holidays? If so, you aren’t alone. Although the holidays can be a wonderful time filled with family,

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ABA Insurance Coverage in Ohio

An exciting update on ABA insurance coverage in Ohio

Just in time to elect benefits for 2018, Ohio’s autism experts at Trumpet Behavioral Health have important information to share about ABA insurance coverage in Ohio.

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