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Preparing Kids with Autism to go Back to School

A new school year brings excitement, nervousness, and above all, change. For children with autism, the uncertainty of the upcoming year can be particularly difficult. To help your child start off the year on the right foot,

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Improving Functional Communication Skills

We express our most basic desires, like our needs, wants, feelings and preferences daily using Functional Communication Skills1. Children with autism can have trouble communicating, and may express themselves through challenging behavior.

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#TBH — What Autism Has Taught Me

With our #TBH (To Be Honest) campaign, we’re giving parents, family members, and even children an outlet to share their truths about how autism has changed their lives. This campaign is all about getting real about autism,

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The Art of Naturalistic Teaching

Trumpet explains naturalistic teaching under the ABA umbrella

At Trumpet Behavioral Health, we believe that teaching kids with autism should extend to the natural environment. By utilizing naturalistic teaching, we can focus on teaching during naturally occurring activities and events.

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Autism Professionals in ABA Therapy

At Trumpet, our ABA therapy plans include the work of many autism professionals

Effective ABA therapy takes a village. Specifically, it takes a village of highly trained autism professionals. At Trumpet Behavioral Health,

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Sports and Autism in ABA Therapy

The many benefits of mixing sports and autism in ABA therapy

Combining sports and autism can be beneficial for kids on the spectrum, their families and their communities. At Trumpet,

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