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Holiday Gift Guide | Trumpet Behavioral Health

Holiday Gift Guide


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The Holiday season is upon us! One of the most popular questions I get from caregivers around this time of the year is “what is a good gift I can get for my child.” We no longer have the Toys-R-Us catalog with a wide, but reasonable variety of items available. Now we have the internet… Amazon, Google, Alexa! Picking a gift for your child that is appropriate, educational, fun and not breaking the bank can be difficult! While I do not have all the answers, hopefully I can give some good suggestions while you look for some last minute holiday gifts! I am organizing this blog specifically on items that targets skills we work on in ABA. 

Turn taking/waiting

Board games! They have so many options out now BUT I am going to talk about what to look for.

Here are some of my favorite games!

Giving/Following directions

Following directions can be a difficult skill to master. Multistep activities and books may not be what your child adds to their amazon wishlist but they can be super fun once they are in their possession. Giving directions is also something to practice when doing these activities. 

Independent play

Playing alone without a tablet can be hard. When you as the caregiver just need a minute it is better to have a larger repertoire of activities/items your child can engage with. 

Cause and effect

If I do this… something cool happens. These cause and effect toys activities are great for younger kids who are working on joint attention and requesting goals. 

Motor Skills

No, I will NOT be recommending slime. From arts and crafts to building there are a wide variety of activities you can do to encourage some gross and fine motor skill development. If there are more specific motor skills you are targeting in Occupational therapy I recommend you ask your OT for suggestions as well!

Pretend play

Expanding the ability to see things just as they are.. and exploring what we can make them! Creative/pretend play is so important for all of our kids. This takes flexible thinking which is a great mind exercise. Dive into your child’s favorite characters or movies.  You can even do social skills role play when using pretend play!

This list only skims the surface of the fun holiday gifts out there! If you have more questions about specific gifts for your loved ones, feel free to reach out to your BCBAs, Teachers, SLPs, OTs and/or Pediatricians.

Happy Holidays!

Written by Brigitta Martins

My name is Brigitta and I am a BCBA at Trumpet San Diego. I became passionate about ABA while I was a college student completing my psychology degree internship at an ABA company. Some of my favorite parts of ABA...

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