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Core Value: Fun


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Not many working individuals can say that they have fun at their job; however, those who work for Trumpet Behavioral Health can. All Trumpet team members work under and exemplify an umbrella of core values – fun being one of them. The goal of having fun as a core value is for our team members to feel good about the work they do.

One of my favorite things about my job is coming up with new ways to have fun, whether it be with clients or my teammates. I remember when I was first completing the orientation process during my new hire days, one of the training tasks was to demonstrate all of the fun activities I could do with a tissue, a pen, and a small orange traffic cone. I came up with a game of “Catch the Tissue” with the tissue and cone, tossing the tissue in the air and trying to hit it with the pen, and recording how long I could balance the pen on one finger. The possibilities were endless. This creativity is exemplified by our therapists daily in constant effort to maximize the potential of the clients we serve.

In addition to having fun with our clients, TBH offers a multitude of activities that team members can have fun by being involved in the company. From marketing on social media and community events to staff appreciation and spirit weeks. TBH values all team members and ensures each individual enjoys what they do.

Written by Brice Lange

I am a 23-year-old coffee lover with 6 pet rats. I graduated from Colorado State University in 2016 with a B.S. in General Psychology and found TBH online through Indeed. I immediately discovered my passion for ABA with TBH and...

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