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Community Safety Skills - National Safety Month 2015 | Trumpet Behavioral Health

Community Safety Skills – National Safety Month 2015


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What are Community Safety Skills?

Community Safety Skills are any skills that an individual needs to be safe and independent in the community setting. Some examples are:

Why are they important?

Individuals who do not readily learn these skills and lack these skills are at a much greater risk for harm and serious injury. Teaching these skills allows our clients to lead more independent lives that will help them access and be a part of their community.

How do we teach these skills?

At Trumpet Behavioral Heath we teach community safety skills using evidence based procedures to ensure our client’s are engaging in the correct safety behaviors when outside their home. We teach these skills through the basic principles of behavior:

Final Conclusion:

Some individuals don’t readily learn community safety skills from their natural environment. Therefore, it is important to teach these skills using evidence based methods and to collaborate with parents and community members. At Trumpet, we aim to teach these skills in order to promote client safety, awareness and independence.

Written by Joshua Sleeper, MBA, BCBA

Joshua Sleeper, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Trumpet Behavioral Health, started in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) over 20 years ago. In college, he began working as a part-time therapist for a school district in California. There, he...

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