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The Importance of Early Intervention

Husband and Wife Fill Out Paperwork While Young Daughter Watches

Written by: Joshua Sleeper

Learn why early intervention is critical for children with autism

When it comes to starting autism therapy, the research is clear: the sooner the better. Trumpet Behavioral Health works with countless families of young children after they receive an autism diagnosis. We see how early intervention provides immediate and long-lasting improvements in the way the child and their family function, communicate and understand one another.

How will early intervention benefit my child with autism?

Life can be overwhelming for a young person with autism. Difficulties with communication, sensory overload, reliance on routine, and other hallmarks of the disorder can make navigating the world especially difficult. Providing children with an effective path forward can be a relief.

High-quality early intervention is individualized and adapts as the child grows. Trumpet Behavioral Health begins by completing an extensive interview with the family, as well as a number of ongoing assessments with the child. We then create and implement a uniquely tailored plan, one that builds upon the child’s strengths, teaches new skills and reduces challenging behaviors. The sooner the Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA®) can begin introducing these lessons, the more rapidly the child can take off.

How will early intervention benefit my entire family?

Life can also be overwhelming for the parents and siblings of a young person with autism. Teaching compliance, coping skills and flexibility – all necessary skills in a family unit – to a child with autism can be challenging. Introducing an expert BCBA into the system early-on can alleviate some of these battles.

The BCBA will teach the parents how to transfer and extend the skills the child learned during therapy to their home, school and community. He or she can provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the mystery of autism, helping family members understand the disorder that is often central to their lives.

Early intervention: why wait?

For the child with autism, early intervention doesn’t just give them the tools they need to function, it lays the groundwork for confidence, trust and independence. For the family, early intervention makes it possible for the BCBA to help parents and siblings understand the reason behind the behaviors the child with autism exhibits, increasing functionality and compassion within the home.

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