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Home-Based vs Center-Based Therapy

ABA Therapy Locations: Is One Better Than Another?

The Great Debate About Home-Based vs Center-Based Therapy. Perhaps you know that applied behavior analysis, or ABA, is the most effective treatment for children with autism. However, when it comes to ABA therapy locations, you may wonder whether home-based is better than center-based ABA, or vice versa.

As a national ABA provider, Trumpet Behavioral Health provides both home-based and center-based ABA because each location offers unique treatment benefits.

Understanding the benefits of different ABA therapy locations

Autism doesn’t affect just one area of your child’s life, so ABA shouldn’t be confined to only one location. By utilizing multiple ABA therapy locations, the treatment team at our national ABA provider can help you and your child address concerns in different areas.

Home-based therapy allows our therapists to provide treatment in everyday situations in your home, whereas center-based therapy allows them to perform ABA in a structured environment in our centers. Each location offers unique benefits.

  • Home-based ABA provides a great way to teach skills that your child uses at home. For example, it is beneficial for teaching bedtime routines and toilet training.
  • Center-based ABA provides your child with a structured environment in which he or she learns a variety of important skills. If your child will soon enter school, this approach can help him or her adjust to the routine of going to a set location to learn.

Although the locations are different, you can count on two constants. Your child will receive highly effective, evidence-based ABA therapy from our experienced team. You will also be involved in the process, as the Trumpet family believes that ABA is most effective when the child’s family plays an active role in the treatment process.

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Developing an individualized treatment plan

The treatment professionals at our national ABA provider know that each child has unique needs. You will work with your child’s provider to determine the best therapy environment for him or her. Our goal is to treat the children who walk through our doors with a customized ABA treatment plan designed to help them become happy and productive members of their families, communities and world.

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