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Autism and ABA Therapy

The Basics of ABA, Autism Therapy

Trumpet Behavioral Health is a renowned national autism treatment provider that specializes in providing home-based and center-based ABA therapy to children. ABA, or applied behavior analysis, is the most effective treatment for individuals with autism, and it is the only therapy endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General and the CDC to treat autism.

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs®) use ABA as an evidence-based approach to measure behavior, teach socially significant skills and evaluate children’s progress in using these skills. Researchers have analyzed how people learn to develop ABA as a way to increase positive behaviors and decrease the incidence of challenging behaviors, resulting in meaningful and lasting improvement in children with autism.

ABA is different for each child because it is tailored to the individual client’s needs. In many cases, it starts with teaching basic skills, such as listening and imitating, which build the foundation for children to learn complex skills, such as social interactions and self-care routines.

ABA therapy and early intervention

As a national autism treatment provider, the Trumpet family has continually demonstrated that ABA can reduce autism symptoms and challenging behaviors in children of all ages. However, it is most effective when children start therapy at a young age, typically before age five. This is known as early intervention.

Our ABA experts realize that it can be tempting to take a wait-and-see approach, but children who receive early intervention typically have the best treatment outcomes.

Center-based and home-based ABA therapy

Our treatment professionals can perform ABA therapy in a natural environment such as a home-based setting, community or school. We can also provide therapy in a structured environment in one of our centers. Each location offers unique treatment benefits for children with autism.

  • Home-based ABA therapy is a great way to teach skills that a child uses at home, such as teaching children to feed themselves, go to bed at a certain time and use the bathroom.
  • Center-based ABA therapy provides children with a structured environment in which they learn a variety of skills, from listening skills to social skills. If a child will soon enter school, center-based ABA can help accustom them to the routine of going to a set location to learn.

Each client is unique, so our treatment team recommends that parents speak with our providers to determine the best therapy environment for their children.

If you have questions about ABA with our national autism treatment provider, please contact us.