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Parent Education and Family Services

Parent Education and Family Services

It’s no question that raising a child takes a village, and with Trumpet, you’re never alone. We offer comprehensive training and support for families, parents, and caregivers of children with autism. All of our autism family services are guided by an in-house curriculum based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy. This industry-standard training technique helps you understand your child’s ABA therapy treatment plan, learn how to develop your child’s skills in the home, and offer much-needed support and collaboration as your child grows. 

Our one-on-one parent education programs for autism are completely free to attend and are tailored to the treatment plan in place for your child. In addition to teaching concepts and procedures applicable to your child’s current treatment plan, we cover strategies and tools you can use long after therapy stops.

Services For Families Affected By Autism

In addition to our formalized one-on-one autism training program for parents, we make it our mission to regularly connect with families to collaborate and offer support. Our ABA therapy teams regularly check in with families via phone and email, which allows us to engage in informal education and quickly address any new developments or issues. In addition to weekly check-ins, we conduct monthly virtual or in-person parent meetings to discuss your child’s progress. By collaborating and communicating with families affected by autism, Trumpet can better understand your family’s specific needs and address them through our customized ABA therapy plans.

E-learning Modules

Trumpet offers online parent education training programs to equip you with the skills you need to support your child with autism. 

Your therapy team will assign you relevant E-learning modules and training. To offer additional support and provide you with the most up-to-date information in the field, Trumpet continues to build new training and modules for parents of children with autism.

Training Topics For Parents Of Children With Autism

Whether you take our E-learning or in-person courses, your autism training will cover some of the most important aspects of ABA therapy. In fact, our programs cover many of the topics Trumpet therapists are trained on so you’re equipped to implement therapy at home. These topics include: 

  • Behavioral skills training 
  • Instruction 
  • Modeling 
  • Practice and/or Roleplay 
  • Feedback