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Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

Behavioral-Autism Support Services for Healthcare Professionals

We Collaborate with Healthcare Professionals

Trumpet Behavioral Health is building the standard for care in autism, and we are seeking dedicated healthcare professionals and agencies to help us. In return, we enable professional agencies to use our streamlined operation of training and service so they can focus their attention on what they do best: providing their patients with expert behavioral healthcare services.

As the number of autism diagnoses continues to climb, the demand on busy healthcare professionals is also increasing. And the demand by parents and schools grows for high quality autism treatment and behavioral services based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Sadly, autism treatments can vary, meaning people with autism—as well as their parents, guardians and educators—may be receiving services that are fragmented. Now more than ever, healthcare professionals play an important role in working with patients diagnosed with autism to help coordinate care.

That’s why Trumpet Behavioral Health is seeking to collaborate and help coordinate care with physicians who care for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). We are a resource busy healthcare providers can turn to for behavioral services, and other special services, including speech and occupational therapy. We are also available for training and support for professional staff.

For more information about joining or partnering with the Trumpet Behavioral Health team, and our other services, please contact our corporate office at Javascript must be enabled to see email addresses.

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Our services include:

About Trumpet Behavioral Health

At Trumpet Behavioral Health, we specialize in helping parents and educators learn to help children and adolescents on the autism spectrum. Working with Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Board Certified Assistant Behavioral Analysts (BCaBAs), we provide parents and teachers with recommendations based on best practices within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), as specified and empirically validated in the scientific literature.

These behavior analysts are trained in delivering measurable positive outcomes. Ultimately, our network of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) experts gives patients the support, hope and guidance that they seek.