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Sarah Kristiansen


Sarah Kristiansen, Clinician at Trumpet Behavioral Health

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After Sarah Kristiansen earned her degree from Auburn University in 2012, she moved to Salinas, California to begin her career in ABA Therapy. Sarah worked as an Associate Clinician and Clinician in this office for 2-years before relocating to Houston, Texas. In Houston, she assisted with opening the Trumpet Behavioral Health offices in Pearland and Cypress, Texas. Sarah has served as a Clinician, Senior Clinician, Director of Clinical Operations, and a DeNovo Clinician all while in Houston. She found that being a Clinician in a new location offers opportunities for community education and outreach with other professionals, which is why this is her favorite role yet!

I became familiar with ABA before earning my undergraduate degree in 2009. I worked for a single family as a therapist, offering services to their little boy for about 15-hours per week. After graduating with an education degree, I worked as a pre-school teacher in Central America and had a classroom of 28 children. I quickly noticed that one of my students displayed similar characteristics to the little boy that I first implemented ABA with. At the time, autism was not a commonly accepted diagnosis and not well known in the country I was working in. I used what I had learned from my supervising BCBA to implement a few behavioral strategies and they worked wonderfully! Since then, I have loved teaching people in a child’s environment the best way to set up their loved ones for success. This is why I love enjoying working with therapists and parents just as much as I love working with children. It is definitely rewarding to see a child succeed, but even more so to see a whole family thrive!

– Sarah Kristiansen (Clinician)


Master’s Degree in Behavior Analysis

Memberships & Affiliations

Texas Association for Behavior Analysts
Association for Behavior Analysis International

Authored or Reviewed Publications

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