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Joshua Sleeper

Chief Executive Officer

Joshua Sleeper, Chief Executive Officer of Trumpet Behavioral Health

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Joshua Sleeper, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Trumpet Behavioral Health, started in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) over 20 years ago. In college, he began working as a part-time therapist for a school district in California. There, he fell in love with helping individuals with autism and developmental disabilities experience the positive impacts of ABA therapy. 

He continued to work as a private ABA therapist before joining I Can Too! Learning Center (ICT). At ICT he was promoted from a Therapist to  Clinical Director, where he was responsible for growing a new ABA center in his home town of Monterey and Salinas, CA. 

After Trumpet Behavioral Health acquired ICT, Joshua joined Trumpet’s operations team and relocated to the organization’s corporate office in Denver, CO. There, he led the development of Trumpet’s operational standards and compliance programs. Throughout this period of time, he worked with a cross-functional team of administrative and clinical leaders to build operational systems, processes, and standards to compliment Trumpet’s superior clinical standards. These efforts made it easier for Trumpet’s teams to provide high-quality ABA services to families while meeting the requirements of the rapidly-changing ABA field. 

Since becoming Trumpet’s COO in 2018 and CEO in 2022, Joshua continues to make Trumpet a leading ABA provider and first choice for families seeking high-quality ABA services in addition to providing an awesome place for staff to grow their careers. 

As a BCBA working with hundreds of individuals with autism and developmental delays and their families, I have seen the profound impact ABA has had on changing the developmental trajectory of younger children, allowing them to access and learn from their natural environment alongside typically developing peers. I have also seen individuals with severe problem behavior maintain lower levels of problem behavior, dramatically improving their quality of life and the lives of their family members. Because of ABA therapy and the work of therapists and BCBAs, many individuals with autism will have opportunities and enjoy a quality of life that would otherwise not be possible.

– Joshua Sleeper (Chief Executive Officer of Trumpet Behavioral Health)


BA – University of California, Berkeley & MBA – Cornell, SC Johnson College of Business

Memberships & Affiliations

Joshua is also a member of the Behavioral Health Center of Excellence Accreditation ANSI Commission 

Authored & Reviewed Publications

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