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Managed Care’s Trusted Behavioral Health Partner: Trumpet Behavioral Health

We partner with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to ensure families are able to utilize their benefits, work with health plans to assure authorizations and claims processes are handled correctly, focus on the importance of positive outcomes, and help build strong networks of qualified providers across the country.

No other Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) treatment provider offers the evidence-based results, professionalism and national footprint that Trumpet Behavioral Health can offer. Our decades of proven effectiveness in treating ASDs reduces long-term costs for insurers and their customers, while giving hope to families facing the daunting challenge of meeting the needs of their loved ones.

Our outcome-based approach to treatment of ASDs is based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and is implemented by our more than 1,000 dedicated professionals. Trumpet’s team-based approach involves the leadership and expertise of a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) in each of our locations. These experts meet the rigorous standards of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) and adhere to strict education requirements. Our BACB certificants also obtain continuing education credits to maintain their credentials. These clinical supervisors develop each individual client’s treatment plan to maximize and expedite measurable progress. They are ably assisted by our skills trainers, many of whom are certified as Board Certified Assistant Behavioral Analysts (BCaBA), who implement the protocols in the homes and schools where they work with our clients.

In addition to providing quality treatment, Trumpet is unmatched in detailed communication and efficiency of operations, giving MCOs a provider who understands the need for cost-containment of service delivery and precision in policy compliance. We share a common goal with MCOs to reduce costs while providing high-quality, outcome-based treatment.

Clinical Integrity

Our clinical services are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which is supported by the Surgeon General, National Research Council, and American Academy of Pediatrics as being approved as widely effective for the treatment of autism. We also incorporate speech and occupational therapy when needed. Trumpet Behavioral Health is committed to hiring only the most highly qualified team members with proper licensing, certification and training.

Studies show that, if ABA therapy is administered intensively and by properly-trained therapists, approximately 47% of the treated kids will “overcome” their autistic characteristics to such an extent that they can enter first grade at a behavioral level indistinguishable from their peers. Further, they will no longer meet the diagnostic criteria for autism, will attain a typical IQ, and will no longer require support or services in regular mainstream education. And the other half of children on the ASD make significant gains, too, such that they need less support for the rest of their lives (Lovaas, UCLA 1987).

With the success rate of 47% for early intervention therapy, it is estimated that the cost savings for a child who receives treatment are from $2.5 million to $2.8 million over the child’s lifetime (Jacobson study 1998).

Studies have shown that parents of children with an ASD have significantly higher rates of stress and other mental health concerns (Singer, 2006; Sanders and Morgan, 1997). By providing effective treatment to reduce maladaptive behaviors and increase independence, the stressors on a family may be greatly reduced. The insurance industry’s own association, the Council for Affordable Health Insurance, estimates that mandated autism benefits have increased premium costs by LESS than 1%.

Committed to our clients, their loved ones and their support networks, Trumpet Behavioral Health is equally committed to fostering mutually beneficial and highly professional relationships with the managed care companies who play such an integral role in the provision of healthcare in America.

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Arizona Association for Behavior Analysis
Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan
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Mid-American Association for Behavior Analysis
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